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Puredyne Press Releases to Download (Word Files + Pictures):

Präzisionsdruck mit dem Puredyne kit b und der hochwertigen Dosiernadel von Tecdia

Excellent process control through adjustable dosing temperature in bioprinting

One parameter that has made bioprinting of organic cell suspensions not 100% controllable to date is temperature sensitivity. A new heating and cooling unit – recently developed by Puredyne – now solves…

Präzisionsdruck mit dem Puredyne kit b und der hochwertigen Dosiernadel von Tecdia

Printing the refined way

When 3D printing organic substances, so-called bioprinting, one thing must not happen: The cells in the substances to be printed must not get damaged. Print heads from Puredyne already achieve this today through demonstrably high-precision and low-shear dispensing…

Puredyne® printhead with bioink

3D printing of a bioink vein succeeds confidently and with no fluid loss

Anyone researching bioink knows that developing a good printable ink is not easy and, above all, cost-intensive. It is a complex process to combine water and a biopolymer to form a hydrogel...

Puredyne Red Dot Award Winner 2022

Puredyne receives Red Dot Award for Product Design 2022

Functionality is still the biggest driving force behind the development of many parts and components in the industrial environment. With its print heads for extrusion-based bioprinting, the Puredyne brand is proving for the first time that design and functionality can indeed inspire each other…

Puredyne dispensing a conductive paste

Bioprinting: The challenge of highly filled pastes

Although the printing of complete functional organs is still a dream of the future, research, and development of clinical bioprinter applications are making great strides. New technologies are needed to further improve the printing process of organic substances…

Puredyne Sample Application

3D Bioprinting with Alginate

Alginate is one of the most used materials in bioprinting. In addition to relatively low material costs, the mechanical properties and printability are also an advantage for the material. However, with existing extrusion systems such as pneumatic- or syringe extrusion…

Puredyne Sample Application

ViscoTec Introduces its New Puredyne® Brand

Following the success of preeflow, ViscoTec has expanded its portfolio and launched another brand called “Puredyne”. With the launch of the new bioprinting brand, the innovators are sending a clear message…

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